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Sanitary Measures

The safety of our clients and employees has always been one of the priorities of GoodNight Apartments.

Sanitary Measures

Client Protocol

Considering the current situation of COVID 19, we have implemented additional measures, following the most demanding sanitary protocols, so that we can count on the maximum sanitary security in our establishments.

The sanitary measures and protocols that you can see below are operational. To offer the best guarantees, we maintain rigorous control and monitoring, adapting, and improving current measures, if this entails greater health security.

It is particularly important to monitor the measures to reinforce the most effective ones and to evolve those that are susceptible to improvement, always based on maximum demand and compliance with all the requirements set by the authorities.

Sanitary Measures

The measures to guarantee Health Safety reach all the spaces and processes in each of our establishments.

Medidas Sanitarias

Protocol and training staff in sanitary measures and cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Each worker receives training on cleaning and hygiene measures and guidelines for action together with personal protective equipment to guarantee their safety and that of their clients.

The reception staff, equipped with approved personal protection element and have instructions on cleaning and personal hygiene, contact with clients and colleagues during and after their working day.

There are informative signs with measures to be followed by our clients, the reception is protected by physical elements to maintain the distance of sanitary security.

Detail of Sanitary Measures and Cleaning Procedures
  • Mandatory use of approved PPE.
  • Continuous cleaning of critical areas.
  • Disinfecting hydrogel.
  • Taking temperature to customers.
  • Specific protocol for personal hygiene and safety.
  • Disinfection protocol at reception.
  • Document disinfection.
  • Protective screens in reception.
  • Safety signage.
  • Hygiene, disinfection, and cleaning audits.
  • Protocol in case of contagion.

Maximum cleaning and disinfection in each room

Rooms are cleaned daily with homologated biodegradable disinfectant and bactericidal and antiviral products, with special emphasis on sensitive areas such as handles, telephone, remote control, bathrooms and treatment of clothes with specific washing process and chemical and bacteriological control method, with homologated products under ISO9001 and ISO14001 standard.

Detail of Sanitary Measures Common Areas
  • Air duct treatment.
  • Continuous cleaning and disinfection.
  • Disinfecting mats at the entrance.
  • Disinfectant gel in access to elevators and noble areas.
  • Hygiene and disinfection audit.
  • Suppliers and cleaning products certified and homologated ISO9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Cleaning and disinfection with homologated bactericides and virucides.
  • Ozonation according to current regulations.

Protocol for the reception of materials at the apartments.

All the materials that arrive go through a rigorous process of control and disinfection to guarantee that they are virus free. The protocol establishes delivery points, schedules, and disinfection measures for both the goods and the people who make the delivery.

Detail of Sanitary Measures
  • Selection of certified suppliers.
  • Merchandise access control.
  • Disinfection of merchandise.
  • Merchandise storage protocol.


Our clients are an active part of sanitary measures and we need their collaboration to make them effective.

Protocolo Clientes

During their stay they must be rigorous in complying with measures such as the safety distance of 2 meters, recommended use of gloves and masks, use of gels at the entrances and exits of elevators and noble areas, waiting indicators at reception, taking temperature upon arrival and follow the instructions of our staff if necessary.

Access to elevators should be individually preferably, except family units and always wearing masks.

Disinfectant gel dispensers are available in common areas and access to elevators for customers to use regularly and specifically at the entrance and exit of the elevators.

During their stay, they will be informed of schedules and services that are subject to special measures, such as the use of the gym or swimming pool, in case has this service.

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