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Main attractions of the city and distances.

Cádiz has 4 beaches. A good option for visiting all of these beaches is to go by bicycle. You can enjoy the cycle lane than runs alongside the city’s seaside promenade.

The Cathedral

The cathedral is 1 km away from the apartments, and you will arrive in 10-12 minutes on foot. It is in the historical centre of the city, almost on the seafront.

Tavira Tower

650 metres away, 8 minutes on foot. It is the highest point in the Old Centre with one of the most famous views of the city, and includes a pioneering attraction, The Dark Room

Central Market

750 metres away, 9 minutes’ walk. Cameras and shopping trolleys live together in harmony in a place where you can buy the freshest local produce while visiting a beautiful monument. As in other cities, the Gastronomy Corner is finding its niche among the city’s leisure locations.

Santa Catalina Castle

1.2 km and 15 minutes on foot from the street Calle Horozco. A fortification which encloses Playa de la Caleta beach. Site of Cultural Interest since 1985.

San Sebastian Castle

2 km away, you will arrive in 20/25 minutes on foot from the apartments. A fortress located at one end of Playa de la Caleta beach on a small islet which was once a Phoenician temple and a Hermitage. It is now an exhibition and concert centre.

Seaside Promenade

About 4 km away, 12 minutes by car. 50 minutes if you prefer to enjoy the walk. Also known as the Malecón for its similarity to the Promenade in La Habana.

Council or San Juan de Dios Square

1 km away, about 10 minutes on foot. Buildings such as the Council House, San Juan de Dios Church and the Pazos Miranda House will catch your eye.

Populo Neighbourhood

800 metres away, 10 minutes’ walk. Said to be the oldest Neighbourhood in Europe, the Populo oozes history and is now one of the most attractive parts of the city. Vestiges of history, from Phoenician, Roman and Medieval Cádiz are conserved. Today, this quarter is home to famous establishments such as the mythical Pay-Pay Theatre Café and the El Teniente Seblón restaurant.

Falla Theatre

You are just 600 metres from the most famous theatre, especially at Carnaval time. You will arrive in 7/8 minutes on foot. Built of red brick and in the Mudéjar style, this theatre is one of the emblems of the city.

Genovés Park

750 metres away, 7/8 minutes’ walk. This is the largest green areas of the old city centre, and one of the prettiest parks. It is an authentic Botanical Garden, with La Gruta as the park’s emblem.

Things to do in the city

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